Investment Opportunities

We have had great success with our homes that were built on speculation and are always looking for our next project. Meet with us if you would like to be a partner in our next endeavor. We’ll strategize the best option for you to capitalize on your investment.

Invest In The Future

We are always looking for our next investment project.   We would love to talk to you if have land that you are interested in selling.  We can buy your property outright or we could discuss creating a joint venture.  We have had great success with our homes built on Speculation.   

We take many factors into account when deciding which project to do next.  Our philosophy is to target properties that are close to the water because they are often the more desired areas.  These properties usually have a much higher per square foot value than others.    The average home sale in the area and the amount of time on the market is also taken into account. We also believe in using quality finishes to ensure we attract the high-end buyer. 

Depending on the square footage, we average around 11 to 12 months to completely build a home once we have the necessary approvals.  Being able to build a home at this pace shortens the time an Investor can expect his return on his money.  Also, properly pricing the home to sell and effectively marketing it is the key to a swift sale.

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Our Projects

Our cutting edge homes and designs reflect different styles and preferences while considering each site’s unique and creative setting. Our site specific designs give each home an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind custom feel to fit your individual style

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Our Team of Experts at CEA Building Group are here to help you through every step of the building process. From Site selection, Architectural Services and all the way to the finishing touches of Interior Design, CEA Building Group can assist as much or as little as you need.

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